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Fastom Srl

Via O.Vigliani, 123

10127 Torino (Italy)

Tel/fax +39.011.610030


About us

Founded in 2005, Fastom designs and markets products in the field of scale radio-controlled models for sports competitions and for fun.
The historical passion for this sector of his Founders, combined with their enduring experience in the field of automotive design, led them to the decision of entering the field of the professional car model-making.
Since the beginning, the evolution of the Company has been marked out by the conceiving of a car model standing out for its absolute original design and realization paying utmost attention to the product quality and performances thus meeting the increasing expectations of a very demanding niche market.

Fastom markets its products under four different trademarks, all of which are owned by Fastom: MOTONICA, VOX, XTYRES and CELERO.